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Studies have shown that it is never too early to start teaching children a foreign language. The earlier children start learning a second language, the better, even as early as 3 months. Many teachers and linguists recommend starting the language learning process as soon as possible, even before children become verbal in their first language. Even though children are not speaking at that point, they are actively absorbing and processing language. This is why United School has developed a course structured specifically for very young children "Baby Talk".

This program is especially designed to provide children with hands on contact with the language through music, movements, rhymes, stories and games. The classes are in small groups once a week for 45 minutes. The babies attend these classes with a parent, a family member or an adult they may have a close family relationship with.

The course "Baby Talk" has been divided into 3 groups:

Tinnie tots  3 to 10 months old 
Tiny tots  11 to 24 months old 
Junior tots  3 to 5 years