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Corporate Clients & Professionals

Corporate Clients
& Professionals

Language Courses for Companies

United School's Language Training courses in English, Spanish, German, French or Portuguese for Foreigners provide a tailor made solution for companies or public organisations that would like their employees to enhance their communication skills in order to work more effectively with clients and colleagues.

This training is aimed at non-native business people and professionals. These courses will provide your staff the opportunity to meet their own needs and agenda. They may need to study a specialist subject, part of one of our set programmes or perhaps they need to improve their pronunciationvocabulary, or grammar skills. They may simply need intensive speaking practice. Whatever they need to improve, we design the exact content and style of the course. Our teachers simulate authentic business scenarios and focus on the language needed for success in meetings, discussions, presentations, or negotiations.

A corporate language training programme begins with a detailed client assessment. The purpose of conducting this assessment is to create a model of language training that would accurately reflect real needs and objectives of your company and employees.

  • Company needs analysis.
  • Level tests.
  • Advice on course format, content and groups.
  • Tailored made language training programme.
  • Continual assessment of learner's language proficiency throughout the course.
  • Periodic reports for the company
  • Course and trainers satisfaction questionnaires.

All our courses can be administered:

At your place of work
At United School Language Institute
In an alternative location of your choice

One to One - language training is designed to accelerate learning, to work on specific language needs and to focus on individual requirements. Some of the benefits of one to one classes are Maximum progress in a minimum length of time, learning is at the students pace, and lessons are tailored-made to the students personal language needs. Courses can start any time of the year, last as long as the student wants flexible timetables and location.

Whether it is a general or business language course, our programmes are tailor-made to reflect the participants' interests and goals.

In this way, you are assured that your staff makes as much progress as possible.

Two to one - students are free to schedule the lessons as they wish – intensively or spread out over a number of weeks or months. When two people are sharing the same trainer, it's very important that both trainees have the same or very similar level in the language. It's also vital that both parties agree on course content – it might be useful to discuss this fully and even sketch out the subjects the learners would like to cover, so they both feel the course is beneficial.

Groups -language training in small groups is a cost-effective option. In co-operation with your organisation, we will design a programme tailored to the specific needs of the group. Learning in small groups guarantees that each learner will be able to actively participate.

Group learning enables communicative activities such as role-playing, practise with partners and stay motivated. Lessons are tailored-made to the learners' language needs. Timetables are fitted to the group needs and schedule

Language Courses for Professionals

United School runs a range of business language courses for specific industries and professions. These intensive English language courses focus on improving your English speaking skills in a specific area. They will improve your English pronunciation, help you build your English vocabulary, and develop the core English language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Our specialist courses can be administered in a one to one basis, two to one or group.

  • Business English – Preparation for the BEC Business English Certificate
  • English for Business Communication Skills
  • English for Business & Writing Skills
  • English for Finance
  • Aviation English for Cabin Crew
  • Aviation English for Pilots
  • Preparation Course for the ANAC Exam
  • English for Hotel and Catering
  • Executive English for Law
  • Preparation Course for the Cambridge ILEC Legal English Exam
  • English for Engineering
  • English for Medicine
  • English for Pharmaceuticals
  • English for Law Enforcement

United School also provides Business Language courses in Spanish, French, German and Portuguese for Foreigners. Our business language courses are practical and relevant. Learning is task-based, with role plays, discussions, and regular feedback from your teacher.

In One to one or Two to One courses, we conduct a needs assessment before every course to tailor the content as closely to your learning goals as possible.